Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeathTrap?

DeathTrap is the name of a new modification for ARMA III and will continue the tradition of zombie apocalypse survival MODs for ARMA. The DeathTrap MOD is currently under development.

What features has DeathTrap?

Right now we are working on the following features for DeathTrap:

  • Zombies of many different kinds
  • additional (deadly) creatures
  • versatile and flexible BBS (Base Building System)
  • AI Missions
  • AI Bases
  • own medic system
  • own loot system
  • ARMA II vehicles
  • new own vehicles
  • ARMA II weapons
  • new own weapons
  • new sounds
  • new soundtrack

more TBA

Will Zombies be a real threat?

Oh Yeah! They will! ūüėČ

When can I play DeathTrap?

We don’t have any exact release date right now. We hope to bring DeathTrap to you in 2017. More TBA…

Where can I get DeathTrap? Where to download the MOD files?

Sorry, we don’t have any public files right now. Once we reach the public alpha phase of DeathTrap, the MOD will be available on STEAM Workshop.

What do I need to play DeathTrap?

Once DeathTrap is released, you will need the following things to play it.

What will DeathTrap cost?
You will be able to play DeathTrap for free. All you will need is your own personal copy of ARMA III. You can purchase ARMA III on STEAM.
Who develops DeathTrap?

DeathTrap is under development by NetMonkeys DEV-Team, a team of some skilled people who take a lot of effort and passion into the MOD. All developers are working for free and non profit. Click here to learn more about the MOD-Team.

Will there be public server files?

Sorry, we have no exact answer to this question at the moment.

Can I join the DEV/MOD-Team?

We’re always looking for skilled people. If you like this project feel free to contact us!
Just use our contact form or write a post in our discussion board.

Right now we are looking for team members with one (or more) of the following skills:

  • Animation
  • Mapping
How can I apply as a tester for closed builds?

If you would like to help us testing closed builds of DeathTrap you can apply for a tester slot. All you need is an user account in our discussion board: Click here to learn more.

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